Till the End of Time

by Scared Stiff TVpublished on June 28, 2020

To save their relationship, a man brings his girl to the place where they fell in love. What could go wrong? Find out in this landmark 50th short film in the Scared Stiff web series!

Starring Joe Nemcheck and Analisa Robertson

Soundtrack by John “Deyo Ello” Ragin

Written & Directed by Douglas A. Plomitallo

Up Next

With Jason hot on her trail, how will Michelle escape from her hiding place and get to safety?

One Last Chance

4 years ago

Jolene is desperate for answers. With the help of her friend, the girls use a Ouija board to contact the dead to find the truth.

Jason Voorhees is back! In this first episode of a ten part mini-series, Jason invites himself to a family's holiday reunion. The mystery of Jason's latest target will become unveiled as the series continues.
Rose is several hours late and her father isn't doing anything about it. Michelle decides to take matters into her own hands and search for her. What she finds might not be what she expected! The story continues in Part 2 of Jason Xmas!


4 years ago

Geena wakes up in the middle of an abandoned house. Upon leaving the house, she finds that there is no one else around and she is all alone. Where did everyone go and is she the last person on earth?


Pest Control

4 years ago

An exterminator is called to investigate strange noises coming from an old woman's basement.

Starring Joe Nemchek, Barbara Robertson & Andrew Demott. This was the final soundtrack to be scored by the legendary John "Deyo Ello" Ragin before his un-timely passing. Directed by Douglas A. Plomitallo.

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