Many of you have sent in questions about the show. We are very pleased that many of you are excited about the show. We have decided to post several of the questions that we receive frequently. If you have any questions please send them to: Thank you!

Q: How can I audition for a show?

A. Please send a headshot and/or acting resume to If you have a video resume, please send the link to where it may be viewed.

Q. How long has Scared Stiff been in production?

A. Scared Stiff has been in production since 2008 with the first episode being released in September of that year.

Q. Where is Scared Stiff filmed?

A. The majority of Scared Stiff has been filmed in Connecticut, although parts of some films were shot in New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Georgia, Vermont, Montana and Wyoming.


• The late, great John “Dolo” Ragin had composed soundtracks for 29 films in the Scared Stiff library before tragically passing away in 2017. He could also be seen in “The Zombie Chronicles: Episode 4” and “Daddy is Coming for Me”.

• The monster make-up in “Closet Monster” took close to ten hours to apply.