Son of Tiny

4 years ago

It's been several years since we've seen Tiny on Halloween night. This year, a new mysterious boy has been going house to house. Is HE out for treats, or to give tricks? Find out who he is in the newest film from "Scared Stiff"!!!


Tiny is going house to house this Halloween. Is he out to get Treats, or to give out Tricks?

It's Halloween night once again, and Tiny is out going door to door. This year, is he out for more treats, or will he be forced to hand out more tricks of his own?

It's Halloween night once again and Tiny is out collecting candy. What obstacle does Tiny face and could this possibly be Tiny's final Halloween? Find out in "Tiny's Halloween 3" featuring music from the Calabrese, the world's greatest rock horror band!


What do you do when the one thing that you live for is taken away from you? Find out when Tiny returns for the last time in the final entry in the “Tiny’s Halloween” franchise.

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