An Unforgettable Night

by Scared Stiff TVpublished on June 28, 2020

A young woman is having an unforgettable night. What could possibly ruin her night? Find out in this 360 movie when you are IN the scene! The cinematic version of this movie is available HERE.

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It's the battle of the century when Michael Myers battles Jason Voorhees in the center of the ring! Who will come out on top? Find out in the Horror Wrestling Federation!

A 360 degree camera was placed around Emily's Bridge in Stowe, Vermont. Listen very carefully and you can hear footsteps on the bridge. A sound that could very well be her voice could be heard if you listen carefully at the end.

It's Christmas Eve and he knows when you are sleeping! Check out this "Friday the 13th" fan film which features the legendary Jason Voorhees chasing his next victims though a winter wonderland! This is the ultimate cut of the popular web series which ran from 2014-2017.

After almost three years, the conclusion to the exciting "Jason Xmas" saga is here!

Jack Out of Box

4 years ago

After producing over 50 short films in 7 years, “Jack Out of Box” is the first 360 degree horror short from Scared Stiff! This film is best experienced using a smart phone or other portable device that displays 360 degree videos. This was filmed using the Ricoh Theta S.

Who will win this epic battle between Jason Voorhees and "Scared Stiff's own Tiny? Find out in the Horror Wrestling Federation!

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  1. joshua

    what is supposed to be so scary about this?